1  Customs requirements

All baggages and articles belonging to embarking and disembarking passengers and crew will be examined by Customs on arrival and departure.

2  Immigration requirements

2.1  General
2.1.1 No travel documents or visas are required from passengers arriving and departing on the same flight or transferring to another flight at the same airport, on the same day.
2.1.2 Passengers are required to complete Embarkation/Disembarkation card on entry to or exit from Angola in legible Roman type characters.
2.2  Entry to or exit from Angola
2.2.1  Requirements

No foreigner shall enter Angola unless the following requirements are cumulatively met:

  • holder of a valid passport with a duration longer than the authorised permanence;
  • holder of a valid visa;
  • not subjected to any entry restriction.
2.2.2  Exemptions

The following citizens are exempted to possess passports:

  1. citizens from countries with which Angola has agreements which permit them entry into Angola with an identity card or equivalent document;
  2. holders of Laissez-passer issued by the authorities of the State from which they are citizens or where they usually reside, as well as issued by any international organization of which Angola is member;
  3. holders of crew license certificate in accordance with the Convention of the International Work Organization, if only travelling on duty;
  4. foreigners holding a residence authorization duly up-dated are exempted from entry visa as well.
2.2.3  Guarentee of daily allowances

For the purposed of entry and permanence in the Angola territory, the foreigner should be in possession of a minimum amount of USD 100 (one Hundred U.S Dollars) or equivalent in another convertible currency per diem and " per capita ".

The amount referred to in the above paragraph may be disregarded, provided that the foreigner demonstrates, through an appropriate document, that their expenses concerning food and accommodation are guaranteed.

2.3  Prohibition of entry

Entry is prohibited to foreigners registered in the national list of undesirable individuals, which:

  1. have been driven out from Angola for the last 3 years;
  2. have been sentenced to jail with a major penalty;
  3. Present strong clues, which constitute a threat to internal order or national security.
  4. Are subjected to international judge's order
2.4  Responsibilities of airline operators
2.4.1 The operator of a carrier carrying any foreigner who intends to enter Angola shall ensure that the entry of such foreigner complies with the requirements as indicated in paragraph GEN 1.3-2.2.1 above.
2.4.2 The operator of a carrier carrying any foreigner who intends to enter Angola shall be responsible for ensuring that such foreigner lands at designated airport of entry.
2.4.3 The operator of a carrier who fails to comply with the requirements of paragraphs GEN 1.3-2.4.1 and GEN 1.3-2.4.2 above shall be hold responsible at his own expense, for the removal out of Angola of such foreigner.
2.4.4 The operator of a carrier carrying persons into or out of Angola shall upon arrival at and prior to departure from the airport of entry, submit to the Immigration Authorities a list of all persons being carried into or out of Angola.
2.5  Penalty provision
2.5.1 The operator of a carrier which brings into or out of Angola:
  1. Passengers known to be in violation of any provisions hereof or against any national regulation, or
  2. fails to provide a complete and true list of all passengers brought into or carried out of Angola, or
  3. foreigners covered by the provisions of paragraph GEN 1.3-2.2.1
2.6  Type and issuance of visa
2.6.1  Visas shall be issued to foreigner as follows
  1. Diplomatic visa;
  2. Official visa and;
  3. Consular visa.
2.6.2  Diplomatic and official visas
  1. Angolan diplomatic missions and consulates abroad issue diplomatic and official visas to holders of diplomatic or service passports.
  2. The visas referred to by the previous paragraph of this Article should be used within 60 (sixty) days from the date of issuance. These visas permit a permanence of 30 (thirty) days and they are valid for 1 (one) or 2 (two) entries.
2.6.3  Consular visas may be as follows:
  1. Transit visa;
  2. short duration visa;
  3. ordinary visa;
  4. business visa;
  5. residence visa.  Transit visa
  1. Transit visa is issued by Angolan consulates to foreigners who, in order to reach the country destination have to disembark in Angola.
  2. Transit visa is valid for a period of 5 days and upon request can be extended for an equal period and is valid for one entry.
  3. A transit visa should be used within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of issuance.
  4. The issuance of transit visa to passenger or crew member that for imperious reason are compelled to break their journey into Angola is the responsibility of the Immigration Authority.  Visa of short duration
  1. Visa of short duration is issued by the “Serviços de Migração e Estrangeiros” through borders posts and allows the entry into Angola to a foreigner citizen who, for unforeseen reasons, could not apply for the respective entry visa from the competent consulates.
  2. Visa of short duration is valid for one entry and entitles its holder to permanence in Angola for a period of 15 (fifteen) days.  Ordinary visa
  1. Angolan consulates issue ordinary visa to foreigners who, for family, cultural, journey, scientific, business, tourist or other reasons not mentioned in paragraphs GEN 1.3-2.6.1 and GEN 1.3-2.6.2.
  2. Ordinary visa is valid for one or two entries and entitles the holder to a permanence of not longer than 30 (thirty) days in Angola. Ordinary visa should be used 60 (sixty) days from the date of issuance.  Business visa
  1. Business visa is issued by Angolan consulates and entitles its holder to a permanence of a period of 1 (one) year in Angola, in order to exercise a professional activity in a public or private interest. This period can be extended for equal period until the end of the individual business contract.
  2. Business visa entitles only its holder to exercise the professional activity for which the visa was issued.
  3. Business visa is for multiple entries and should be used within 60 (sixty) days from the date of issuance.  Issuance of business visa
  1. A business visa issued to an individual to exercise any professional activity for the Government shall only be issued after duly authorization of the "Serviço de Migração e Estrangeiros" after an agreement of the "Ministério da Administração Pública e Segurança Social" having been requested to do so by the ministry to which the individual will work for.
  2. A business visa issued to an individual to exercise any professional activity for a private enterprise, will only be issued after duly authorization of the "Serviço de Migração e Estrangeiros" after agreement of the ministry to which the enterprise is affiliated.
  3. The "Ministério da Administração Pública e Segurança Social" or the ministry mentioned above shall not issue an agreement whenever any of the following situations occurs:
    • The enterprise does not fulfil its obligations to the finance authorities;
    • The existing unemployment national citizens on that professional activity;
    • The absence of qualification and other legal requirements by the applicant;
    • The absence of authenticity in the employment offer addressed to the applicant;
    • The absence by the applicant of a licence to exercise the professional activity;
    • The employing authority does not comply with exiting obligation related to the employment of national citizen for that particular professional activity.  Guarantee
  1. The issuance of a business visa is subject to the payment of a guarantee in a convertible currency, to permit an eventual repatriation of the applicant.
  2. The guarantee above mentioned consists in the deposit, in a convertible currency, of an amount equivalent of the price of the ticket for the return trip to the home country or country origin.
  3. The guarantee will be kept in a deposit to National Bank (BNA) by order of "Serviço de Migração e Estrangeiros"
  4. This guarantee will be returned to the applicant as soon as he decided to voluntarily leave the Angolan territory, if requested by at least 15 (Fifteen) days in advance of the date of departure.  Residence visa
  1. Residence visa is issued to foreigner pretending to reside in Angola.
  2. Authorization for the issue of residence visa is exclusive competence of the "Serviço de Migração e Estrangeiros"
  3. Residence visa should be used within 60 (Sixty) days from the date of issue.  Departure of foreigner
  1. The departure of the foreigners from Angola shall be carried out by any qualified border post trough previous show of a valid passport.  Emergency travel document
  1. Emergency travel documents may be issued for the purposes of driving out from Angola any foreigner without the required documents or in violation of the applicable laws.
  2. The issue of an Emergency travel document is responsibility of the "Serviço de Migração e Estrangeiros"  Exemptions
The following foreign citizens are exempted from entry visas:
  1. Nationals from the Portuguese speaking countries community, holding a valid service or diplomatic passports
  2. Nationals from Russia, Cuba and SADC countries, holding a valid service or diplomatic passports
  3. Holders of valid residence authorizations when returning to Angola.